Excel Chart Basics and adding Axis Titles to excel chart

Following is an excel chart where we have marked all the components:

Data Series: The most important of all the elements, this represents the base data on the chart. We see 2 data series in the above graph: Toys (represented by data points 321, 305 & 345) and Office Supplies (165, 195 and 258).

Data Labels: This is the text for corresponding data points is shown on the graph

Chart Title: Shows what this chart is all about (chart heading)

Legends: Helps in identifying data series on the chart.

Axis: One horizontal & one vertical axis (in fact 2 vertical axis, as secondary axis is available on the right side of the chart) is shown by default. Each one of them will have their own labels

Gridlines: Guiding lines to help in guessing the numbers (useful when data labels are not visible).

Adding/removing these elements from the chart is rather easy.  We begin with the chart that we created in the previous tutorial.

One very quick way of doing this is right besides your chart, the “+” sign. Click on the + button to expand various elements. You may check/uncheck the respective elements to show/hide them from the chart. In our case, check on the “Axis Titles”. This will bring the two Axis Titles in the chart.

Now to give a more meaningful name to Chart & Axis Titles, double click inside the text to edit them and then type a more appropriate name as shown below:

Repeat the same for Axis Titles, and we get our final chart as shown below:

Chart with Axis Titles after editing

Another way of adding chart elements is through the standard ribbon menu. To do the same, click on the chart -> Go to DESIGN -> Add Chart Element as shown below:

Adding Chart elements through Design Menu

In our next tutorial we will learn how excel treats the data for charting purpose (series & categories).