Viewing basics for excel files

Fix an area(Freeze panes)

We learnt about the Excel’s functionality of freezing top row or left most columns in the previous post. Another usual requirement will be to freeze a set of rows & columns on the sheet while viewing the sheet. To explain this better, please open the attached excel (View_freeze panes.xlsx). In this, suppose we want to keep the left most Item descriptors (Column A) as well as the months visible all the time while we navigate in the sheet (down or to the right side).

Fix top row (freeze) or the first column

Freeze first row:

It is common to have a list of data rows in excel, with the first row containing headers (meaning of the columns). It is quite possible that there are lots of records in this list, so that when you scroll down, the headers go out of sight.

Understanding the View tab

Views Tab holds access to certain regularly used routines & shortcuts. The most common of which has to be freeze panes. Following is a brief description of all the major command groups:

Views Ribbon menu