About Excel Ladder

We at Excel Ladder believes that excel is more than just a tool for many of us.

Professionals & enthusiasts across the years have used excel for multiple things ranging from a simple data entry tool to a powerful database to an optimizer. The tool is extremely powerful, provided that the user is aware of its capabilities and is willing to experiment & explore.

Excel is an essential skill for executives, managers & entrepreneurs alike, meaning that there are many of us who want to either learn it from basics or perhaps want to further sharpen our already developed excel skills.


This site is a one stop solution for all such wannabe excel champions. We provide easy to follow, self paced study material which is supported with original data files along with sectional practice sheets. there is a whole section on excel tips & Tricks, and we soon plan to come up with our own diagnostic test to help you assess your proficiency levels with excel.

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Our team wishes you best of luck in this journey of yours & assure you that you'll always find us a shout away if you ever get stuck.