How to change cell color based on cell value in Excel?

Answer to this question can be seen in Microsoft built-in feature called “Conditional Formatting”

Conditional Formatting

This feature helps us in changing Cell FONT and BACKGROUND color with change in value.

Below step by step example will help you understand it better-

Suppose we have a data and want to color cells with value less than 80 as RED.

Here you go ..

  1. Select range of cell to format
  2. Click Home → Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules ->  Less Than..

conditional formatting

  1. A new window will popup, as we want to highlight cells that have a value of less than 80, so enter this value in the highlighted space, as shown in the screenshot below:

Conditional Formatting options


  1. If you need to change the kind of formatting required, you can explore the other options from the drop down on the right side.

If you want to highlight cells that are greater than or in between certain values, please select appropriate options from step 1(above). We cover this and other formatting options in the next tutorial.