Hide/Un-hide Rows

Keyboard Shortcut for Hiding & Unhiding Row/s

  1. To hide selected Row/s, select complete Row/s which we want to hide & press CTRL + 9 – see picture below.

    Hiding excel row

In fact, clicking on any cell (rather than the whole row), will also produce the same result, please give it a try.

Display & Hide Formulas

At times, we want to verify formula correctness by looking at the formulas. While we can look at the formula of a specific by clicking on it, Excel provides the functionality to make all formulas visible in the worksheet-

Keyboard shortcut for Hiding & Unhiding Formulas in Excel worksheets -

1. To show formula/s in Excel worksheets, Press CTRL + ~


Quick Copy command

There are certain scenarios when we may want to copy the content from other cells. While standard copy/paste (or Ctrl C/Ctrl V) work all the time, for adjacent cells there is a faster way of doing the same.

Using office clipboard to copy paste multiple items

A lot of us live by the Copy-> Paste (or ctrl c/v) routine in our daily life (by far the greatest time saver invention of the centuryJ)

Ever thought of a requirement where excel could keep some of your previous copy items in history (& not just the immediate previous one)?  If the answer is yes, then congrats! this tip will cheer you up for sure.

We explain this through an example.

Insert Date and Time-Stamp

If we want Excel to record when we last accessed a particular workbook/ worksheet, we can leave our date and/or time-stamp in same sheet by using a short key method given below –

For inserting today’s date, Press CTRL+;

For inserting current time, Press CTRL+SHIFT+:

Repeat fill cells

Previous to excel 2010(ie 2007 & before), there is no option of repeating labels for pivot tables. This delivers an output as given below:

But this is grossly inadequate if you want to use this pivot output for further analysis (like vlookup on this to check the forecast of Namibia on product Motor – E3). What we want is to repeat the labels for all cells for which it is applicable.