Fitting the print in one page

We have already gone through the process of setting up a multipage print layout. There are scenarios where you may want to adjust the number of pages you print is taking, or in general increase/decrease the zoom size. To do so, again go to print preview->Page Setup as shown below:

Print orientation and scaling setup

We will cover Orientation & margins in next tutorial, for now; let’s focus on manual & auto scaling options.

By default scaling is set to 100% of normal size. You can see the actual size(& number of pages the print is taking) in the print preview, after this if you want to magnify or condense(zoom in/out) the print, you can use this. Please remember:

Higher the size: Bigger numbers/characters on the print page & the print may run into more pages

Lower the size: Smaller numbers/characters on the print page & the print may take fewer pages

You can adjust this size & again check the print preview till you are satisfied with the output.


One very common requirement at times is to take a single page print, for such requirements, the automatic scaling option is very useful.  Just select the Fit to 1 Page radio button and it is done.

Select print preview to make sure that it is as per your requirement:

There are caertain cases when you may still not be satisfied with the output. We explain page orientation & margin settings in our next tutorial.