Fix an area(Freeze panes)

We learnt about the Excel’s functionality of freezing top row or left most columns in the previous post. Another usual requirement will be to freeze a set of rows & columns on the sheet while viewing the sheet. To explain this better, please open the attached excel (View_freeze panes.xlsx). In this, suppose we want to keep the left most Item descriptors (Column A) as well as the months visible all the time while we navigate in the sheet (down or to the right side).

Freeze Panes explained

Excel provides the freeze Panes functionality to do this.

A simple demonstration of this functionality is given below:

freeze Panes demonstration

Essentially, excel will freeze all the area above & left to the active cell when we apply the freeze panes.

Coming back to the current example, select cell B2, so that this becomes the active cell.

Now, Go to View-> Freeze Panes->Freeze Panes, as described above.

You’ll notice the lines above and to the left of this active cell, this will visibly distinguish the frozen area. You may now scroll to the right or down and the headers will remain in their own place.

Freezed Panes

Freeze Panes can be used to freeze even bigger area, only limitation is that it’ll always freeze Above and Left to the active cell. Freezing bottom or right side area (rather unlikely but possible requirement) is not so straight forward, though we’ll cover this in a later tutorial.

If you have applied freeze panes(or freeze row/column) and now want to remove the freeze panes, again go to View->Freeze Panes and now the first option now will read "Unfreeze Panes". Click on this and your sheet will go back to normal view mode.