Using office clipboard to copy paste multiple items

A lot of us live by the Copy-> Paste (or ctrl c/v) routine in our daily life (by far the greatest time saver invention of the centuryJ)

Ever thought of a requirement where excel could keep some of your previous copy items in history (& not just the immediate previous one)?  If the answer is yes, then congrats! this tip will cheer you up for sure.

We explain this through an example.

Let’s say you need to manually check a set of entries and update a remark column. When you start filling the sheet you realize that you basically have 3-4 types of remarks and the same will get repeated. This is where, you should switch to full office clipboard of excel.

To activate, click on small arrow on clipboard sub-menu within the Home tab of excel ribbon.

Now, once office clipboard is open, if you copy (ctrl+C) any item, it will be there in the list of previous copied items on the clipboard.(So you may quickly copy the relevant remarks text on clipboard.

Now on any cell, if you want to paste one of these values, simply click on that value in the clipboard.

Cool!  .. Isn’t it?

Here is this in action:

footnote: This office clipboard works across MS Office applications. Hence once activated you can use previous copied items from across compatible MS applications(like items from presentation to an excel workbook & vice-versa)