Understanding Page Orientation, Margins & troubleshooting

There are cases when the print-out (or the preview itself) will just not look fine. We continue with our printing sheet example. For the List 2(the big horizontal sheet of student records) of the attached file, if you want a single page print out and go with the default options & steps given in our last tutorial, very likely you are going to end up with something like this:

If you go ahead and take the print, the character size will be very small to make it almost unreadable.  Moreover while the reader struggles with this small print size, more than 90% of the page remains blank.

One part of the problem is with page orientation. If you see the data that you want to publish, it has more width than height (in other words it is a horizontal print object).

If you again open the page setup dialog, you will see 2 options for page orientation.

For the kind of data that we want to print (more width less height), Landscape mode is more suitable (the same is also conveyed by the icons in the dialog box)

The default orientation is Portrait & is more suitable for objects that have limited width & longer height (example is given in Sheet List 1 of attached file)

For the current example change the orientation to landscape, keep the Fit to 1 Page selected & then see the preview:

This will provide a much bigger print size (& more readable)

If you still find the prints to be a bit small, & if you still want to fit it in one page, the last resort will be to reduce print margins (the space the printer ignores while printing).

In this example the width of the page is the constraint and hence the two side margins need to be reduced (to increase the print page width).

To do so, click on print preview -> Select Show Margins check box

The margin markers will appear, you can drag them using your mouse/touchpad as shown below:

Dragging the side margins out will lead to further increase in print size.

Please note that margin adjustment should be your last resort as prints with no/less margins look cluttered at times, also in some cases the printer might miss the content on edges.