Printing an excel file

There is a frequent requirement to print excel files for making reports, showing it to top management, or for your own purpose. Excel is essentially a data spreadsheet tool, and unlike MS Word or other text processing tool, excel is inherently not so printer friendly (Just Imagine that it allows you to have ~16000 columns). We are not suggesting that printing from excel files is difficult, just that it may not be as straight forward at times (as you will discover in this tutorial).

If you are using excel 2007 or prior version please continue reading. Or else for excel 2010 onwards (latest) versions, please click on the following link.

The Print options are available under the file menu (Office button on top left) as shown below:

Next important step will be to select the appropriate printer from the available list. If you are not sure about this list, it’ll be advisable to ask someone of the working printer connected to your system.

One important Tip is to always see a preview before clicking the OK button here.

This is how the preview page works:

If everything looks fine, close the preview & click OK on the print menu.


There will be occasions, when you’d want to only print a part of the excel sheet. Or when the preview will suggest that the print is not going to be as per your expectations.

To cover such scenarios, we dig a bit deep into various printing options in our next tutorials.