Print the header row or the first column in each page & Setting up a multi page print

There are situations when you need to print a sheet whose prints will run into multiple sheets.If there are several rows & few colums, the prints will run vertically. For a sheet with multiple column having data, the sheet will break horizontally. For a sheet that has lot of colmns & rown with data, the prints will run first horizontally & then vertically. OK confusing? Let’s see the examples: Multiple Rows print & repeating row headers: We take the sheet 1 of attached tutorial file for demonstrating this. A default print option is likely to show a multipage preview as shown below:

Multiple page print

The first page has headers, but the following page(s) just have the data rows. Ideally we’d like to show the headers in all the sheets. To do so, please close the preview & go back to the sheet.

Click on Page Layout section on the Ribbon.

Click on Print Titles button

Print titles

The page set-up pop-up window will open up as shown below.

For this example we want to Repeat our header rows on every printed page, hence click on the ‘rows to repeat’ button to select the rows that are to be repeated as shown below:

Now, take your cursor to the appropriate rows & click there. Click OK.

Back to the page-setup window, click Print & then click Print Preview.

The pages will come out as expected(Header row being repeated on every page.

Print Header rows on each page Outcome


Part 2: Fixing(repeating) first column(s) on every printed page:

If your sheet has a lot of columns, you’ll again face a similar problem(as described in the case of missing header row in multi page print).

By default excel print will split into multile print pages horizontally.

For example in this case the likely output will be something like this:

Ideally, you’d like the first column to be repeated. You can again follow the above given method, just select the ‘Columns to repeat at left’ option in the page set-up pop-up.

Take your cursor to first column & click OK.

Doing this, output will be something like:

This neatly repeats the desired column in every print page, giving you the desired results.